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Googe Page Rank N/A (unranked)?

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 10/08/2011 , have 0 comments
 Few days ago something happened that made ​​me confused, as I open the blog and the google toolbar show my page rank indicate N / A (unranked) what's this? Then I tried using the web to check the page rank google and found similar results.

What exactly happened? Then I find out what really happened behind this oddity. In the forum and some friends did say that at this time google made ​​some changes in terms of page rank.

One solution that I find through the forum is through SeoQuake (which I use to check PR):

Click seoQuake icon and point to preferences and go to google page rank and edit 
Replace with this :
[NAME]=Google pagerank

Ahmad Fasoni
Googe Page Rank N/A (unranked)? - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 10/08/2011, categorized as Google , online market . And have 0 comments
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