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Android Market With Google Music

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 8/03/2011 , have 0 comments
Android Market with Google Music -As we know that Google Music announced in May, many users disappointed about some features missing, There feature is when user need to buy music directly from Google Music, Google cannot make an agreements with several majors label, but decided to start the service. The second feature  is also missing the google mucis can not recognize the titles when we decided to add titles directly from personal library,  without having to upload spent time, also due to licensing issues.

Android Market Update now still in beta and absolutely should need more logic evolutin. And certainly faster than all people expected! When  we are to believe with Android market update, it is possible that these two features coming soon. How did they get that?.

Check out this video : Android Market With Google Video

Ahmad Fasoni
Android Market With Google Music - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 8/03/2011, categorized as Android Market , Google , online market . And have 0 comments
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