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Don't Ever Buy E-Mail List

by Bruneian Dollar , at 8/24/2010 , have 1 comment
Today, I discovered a way to counter spam e-mails. I was going through my e-mail (especially my junk e-mail) to clear out all the unnecessary messages I get from random websites. To clear them out, I simply go to each e-mail and find the "unsubscribe" link and follow through. I did a few e-mail marketing myself and I found out that if the person or website or business-owner has too many unsubscribers from their e-mail marketing, the e-mail marketing provider will close down their service to him/her for abusing their services.

So as I kept going on and on unsubscribing to each one, I found a few e-mails that doesn't have the unsubscribe link. I tried to look around the Internet and see if there are any reviews for the website responsible of sending me these spam e-mails. Some has bad reviews and while others, none at all. So to those spam e-mails, I sent an e-mail to them and asking them to unsubscribe me from their e-mail list as I wish to not receive anymore "notices" or "newsletters" from them. Few days later, there was no reply to that plea and yet I still receive more spam offering me random products.

So I was left with one resort. I hacked them. By simply finding out their IP address, check for open ports, sent them a detonator virus and I never heard from them again. I bet there are plenty of others who would do the same thing if they keep getting spam e-mails. So for this case, I highly recommend and warn everyone for their own good, to never buy e-mail list from anyone. Because a simple e-mail address is all it takes for one hacker to get nasty.

You have been warned.
Bruneian Dollar
Don't Ever Buy E-Mail List - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 8/24/2010, categorized as e-mail , marketing . And have 1 comment
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Fraggle Rock
Thank you so much for your post, it happen to me too
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