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Is there any guarantee to make money online?

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 7/03/2010 , have 8 comments
A question about this often occurred in our heads, is there any guarantee to make money online? Or is there any guarantee of that we run an online business will succeed?

The answer to that question is returned to us. The following few points that may be more questionable in on us.

1. Seriousness
In online business, the seriousness is the main key to success that we expect to produce. Without it, we will only produce a beautiful dream.

2. Ask and Learning
Continuing our seriousness in the online business is to always ask questions and learn about what we should do to anyone who has experienced the world of online business. We cannot walk alone, we definitely need someone else to share experiences and work together for success.

3. Courage to invest
Once points 1 and 2 above, the next is our courage to invest, investing is a fairly important point in the success of every business, regardless of our investments will only be like fishing without bait, it will be difficult to catch fish with our bare hands.

There are still many other points in the online business, but all of them could be summed up with one sentence "hard work". Hard Work is one word that is most appropriate to conclude that all points have anything to do with the business to produce something, and this applies anywhere either offline or online, without the hard work will only produce a dream in the daytime.
Ahmad Fasoni
Is there any guarantee to make money online? - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 7/03/2010, categorized as money , online market . And have 8 comments
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it depends on your hardwork ofcourse, no guarantee, online business is a real one just like another
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You can make money online, its just a lot of hardwork and some luck as well.
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Like anything else, learn from your mistakes, don't quit, ask lots of questions and work hard and then if you are lucky you'll make some mony.
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Yes, of-course there are opportunities on internet which are ready to be cash-out but as you mention one have to be serious about doing certain stuff. Though blogging itself one can get some green.
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Make Money Blogging
Talking about investment, if you can't spare extra cash on your blog, then you must invest time.

Optimally, investing both money and time on your blog will ensure highly rate of success.
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