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Just Reminder to EC Member

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 5/20/2010 , have 2 comments
Has become a habit for us in everyday life as a member of Entrecard is visiting the blog to drop EC. That we do as a way for our blog is visited also by the blogs that we visit, which subsequently became the source of traffic for blogs that we maintain.

But we will realize that the risk of waiting up ahead? We did not realize how many distractions that might we find when we open the blogs of others, in the form of viruses, malware or anything that might threaten our computer.

This is not new, but as a reminder that may be useful for new EC members who might not yet aware of it.

To anticipate the event, it's not a bad deal to keep update your antivirus software and only click EC widget, or if you intend to further interact with other blogs to comment try to comment on columns that are already available for comments below the post.

This post is not just a remainder to the EC members themselves but also as a warning for me because I was often find a warning from my antivirus software while drop my EC.

Thank you, good luck!
Ahmad Fasoni
Just Reminder to EC Member - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 5/20/2010, categorized as blog , Entrecard , Just Reminder , traffic . And have 2 comments
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Warren Contreras
The safest way is to use Ubuntu Linux 10.4 like I started doing when this junk wiped me out the other day. Now I just laugh at them!
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Cynthia Blue
Hehe I was thinking, just get a Mac! :)
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