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Can Blogs Reach The Offline World?

by Bruneian Dollar , at 5/29/2010 , have 7 comments
One thing in mind have been wondering a lot lately was, "how to market your blog offline?". And to add to that question was, "How can you do it all for free?". Let us take a look at the traditional methods of advertisement:

  • Newspaper ads - Being noted and published on the local or world newspaper can bring in more than thousands of traffic to the blog or website. Because a simple article as that is already viewed by more than millions. Or perhaps if the news is even more juicier in other countries, they may even translate it for you. However, doing so would fetch a worthy price for a newspaper ad. Doubtly, I would hear a lot of bloggers on the local daily newspaper circulation but there were a few here and there in my country.
  • Radio Broadcast - Having the DJ of the radio station to broadcast a message about the latest update in your blog is probably the most effective than efficient as newspaper articles/ads. Again, looking at the cost-benefit ratio, you may need to consider this option as the second last to the newspaper ad campaign.
  • Commercial/Infomercial - TV is where everyone is at. Now in the younger generation, everyone gets a lot lazier than reading newspapers or opening up a website and would stumble onto a link back to your blog. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds on live TV to actually get your blog to be more noticeable to everyone. It's an even huge market as compared to Newspaper and Radio circulation ad campaigns combined! This is definitely the last of the last resort option to advertise as such public display for ads may ruin some reputation for fellow bloggers. Of course, price varies for local TV stations and at which times.
  • Flyers/Banners/Leaflets/Brochures - The very basic "pass a message" public system ever. Though time-consuming if you are doing it all on your own, it may be worth it. But for this ad campaign is only best effective when you are targeting a local niche` or a specific area of your immediate surroundings. No way to gain readers internationally or across the country this way. At the very least, this is the least bit inexpensive ad campaign that can bring readers to your blogs from the offline world.
So out of all these traditional methods, none actually fits the purpose of free advertising. Unlike websites that we can easily find (i.e. ad directories), you can simply add or post or submit a link to them and it increases your blog pagerank and exposure. However, it's a little different in the offline world. But here is what I found that can be done for free.

  • Talk of the Town - Ever wondered how underground information was passed around? Someone must have started it. Like a music gig is happening at some secret location and only VIPs (People who know the place) can enter. Similarly using such techniques for everything else can be done just as well. Going to a restaurant, strike a conversation with random strangers or the staff of the restaurant while mentioning about your blog can imprint a little link in their head to go visit. It's free to do so and best of all, you can do it at your meal time.
  • Offline Forum - Just like our famous social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc), there might be people hosting up a forum. Usually, it's free. People gather around for this event, start discussing at whatever the objective of the forum might be, and then socially build a network among them. Usually the people you meet at these offline forums have similar interests, so a good suggestion would be to also dig some information of what they know and then apply it. Best. Marketing. Ever!
  • Business Cards - This may not be the best idea for marketing but it can be the cheapest. Buy a small notebook (I got mine at $1.90) and then just write your name, e-mail, website URL, etc on it. Tear it and give it to the person that you meet on the go. Not really the classiest business card idea but its information in it that's more valuable than impressive designs. How they would come to your blog if they sometimes forget what the URL may be spelt as? If you have time, start coloring and design your cheap business card notebook. Kinda unique if you think about it.
That's all I got so far on reaching some people in the offline world. How do you market your blog to people who are not surfing on the Internet?
Bruneian Dollar
Can Blogs Reach The Offline World? - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 5/29/2010, categorized as LinkFromBlog . And have 7 comments
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Mikey Garcia
wow! it's great to be reminded once in a while about our offline options to market a blog. Thanks for this nice post!
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Free Money Maker
Thanks for those tips.I knew little bit but now you have explained more.Thanx.....
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