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OMG! You Are So Popular! LOL!

by Bruneian Dollar , at 4/06/2010 , have 0 comments
Through the 16th century, there has always been a case about popularity through high school in America. If you are not cool enough, you are not popular. If you do not know how to have fun, take risks or break rules, you are not popular. The concept also applies to Internet Marketing and how you can make your website as Popular as those Jocks and the Cheerleaders.

How Do You Get Popular in High School?

  1. Be In A Group - the more you get yourself involved in the right group, the more you get popular and noticed by others. Getting in the group is the hard part. Where it takes a lot of involvement and participation activities in order to let everyone know who you are and why are you part of their group.
  2. Dress Like The Cool Kids - Just like clothes, websites and blogs can also have a fashion statement. Whether the design is really up to par with the pros and or in the trend or popular among the rest of the people's websites design.
  3. Get The Scoop - In order to be more involving than you already are, you need more content. And not just by sheer numbers but also the quality of it. Do you have what others have or do you have more? There's always somebody else out there to top your story and its your duty - nay, your right to out-top them.
  4. Everybody Hates A Jerk - And because of that, the jerk is already well-known. Who is the bully in your school? Who always gave you a wedgie when you're busy tooting your trumpet? Being a jerk has its consequences. At least, it's better than a rioter or in website's term, a spammer. Be the jerk but not always.
  5. Outperform - The reason why Jocks are Jocks and Cheerleaders are, well, Cheerleaders, is because of their performance to show that they can do better and indicates that no one can do what they can. Able to throw the ball right into the arms of a catcher or wide-fielder really quick? Can you do a split while holding on to a pyramid formation of your teammates? You may have already been popular since you started reading this.

I know there's more to this to getting popular but at least this is the basics of it all. I have been popular in school before but never serious about it. Few reasons is that I don't think I can get anything out of it. Even so, popularity can win you some nice perks and benefits such as:

  • Personal/Private invitations to events, parties, functions, etc.
  • Getting a girlfriend
  • Getting on the good-side of your supervisor, boss, elders
  • Getting a boyfriend
  • People will look up to you (an ego boost)
  • And so on.
If you havn't used any of these points or have used a different style to get popular, feel free to comment and share!

Bruneian Dollar
OMG! You Are So Popular! LOL! - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 4/06/2010 . And have 0 comments
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