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Internet Marketing Blog Now Open For Contributors

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 4/01/2010 , have 3 comments
Hello readers,
In this post, I will inform you that starting last month I invite you to become a contributor to my blog, for those interested please contact me via comments below to leave your email address (gmail) for the next completeness. So with that you will be directly included in the list of contributors to my blog like you see on the left sidebar.

As for the content of your blog can make is about internet marketing in accordance with the title and theme of this blog, or anything related to internet business. You can also promote your blog here as long as it is still associated with the theme of the blog.

Why I do this?
I do this in order to make this blog more variations that have originated from different sources, and also to better fit the description of this blog "share ideas" so it is more appropriate when it is done together with some people.

I announce to you that the first contributor is bruneian dollar which have started to post since last month

Ahmad Fasoni
Internet Marketing Blog Now Open For Contributors - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 4/01/2010, categorized as blog , blog contributors . And have 3 comments
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Bruneian Dollar
Haha Thanks for the mention and I'm honored to be part of this blog. Though, I think you should try noting down some other benefits in being a contributor to online-market blog. Like not only can they build their blog with SEO backlinks, maybe an opportunity for something else? Selling their own items/products/service? Of course, strictly being related to the theme and content of this blog.

Just my two cents. =)
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i wanna be part of this blog. So, i will send u my email. thanks.
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@Bruneian Dollar .. hahaha you welcome.
@reza .... just leave your email here, don't worry as I received it and completing the invitation I will removed your comment.
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