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Free SMS Digital Marketing - Twitter

by Bruneian Dollar , at 4/19/2010 , have 6 comments
When I first used Twitter, I never expected how it actually became very famous. When I first knew about it, I wanted to test it. See how it fares between Twitter and Facebook. Until, I find that Twitter is not as good at socializing as Facebook. No games, no picture albums, didn't know if there are apps to work with, etc. It was disappointing and I just left Twitter.

Few months later, people started explaining further on how much fun people use Twitter and how it benefits businesses. I guess I underestimated the new social media of free SMS to people. That's right. Twitter is like your mobile marketing, except it's not working with any mobile company. Twitter works best on the go, similar to that of Facebook app on iPhone but a lot more people have found Twitter to be greater in passing the message. Time went by and now the media is labeling Twitter as "micro-blogging". Just like blogs, it can also be your personal diary or online journal. And because of its 140 words character limit, you're blogging at in less than two sentences than the average blogger article.

Now we understand how well Twitter works, but how do you advertise with it? By the use of different applications, websites and feeds, you can spread the word towards your friends, followers and the ones you're following. Using hashtags (#) to create trendy topics and stay in the conversation. Asking a few questions in a specific hashtag channel can also get some quality answers, unlike some forums where other members (sometimes) belittle the new members (newbies) with harsh names and stuff. Then there's the simple mentioning a keyword of a certain product or yourself. You can follow those people who mentions you or about a certain product. This is beneficial to find the kinds of customers that are already interested in purchasing your product or service by contacting them directly.

Twitter - Following a flock of birds, socializing and passing a message can never be more simpler and free. Have you tweet lately?
Bruneian Dollar
Free SMS Digital Marketing - Twitter - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 4/19/2010, categorized as traffic , Twitter . And have 6 comments
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Yes that is pure true, twitter is great, i use it every day to advertise, to communicate with my friends, it is working very well for me.
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Online Casino
Right, Twitter is for everybody. It can be for business or for socialiting.
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Net Millionaire
We can use Twitter for business. If you want to acquire more sales, you need to have a lot of traffic to your site and Twitter can provide you huge traffic
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Bruneian Dollar
Evidently, Twitter is made famous because of the famous people started using it. Lots of celebrities are using Twitter to broadcast some feeds to their loyal fans in a short message. That and the going up trend of Foursquare. A Location-based game-like social networking site. See my full article about it at

Thanks for the comments, Raphilon, Online Casino and Net Millionaire. :)
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Gilberto Galea
Twitter is a great tool!, like other communications channels but with a huge potential is you work correctly.
At my case, twitter let me expand my blog more fast that other ways.
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I agree that Twitter is a good way to get your word out there and being so portable its easy to keep up to date. It is more difficult though with the 2 line limit but then you have to capture your reader's attention. Thanks for the post it was well written.
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