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Top Dropper February 2010

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 3/01/2010 , have 3 comments
February is the month of love, the moon is sprinkled with beautiful flowers and a pink color around us.

Meanwhile, this month besides a sprinkle of love around us, also filled with things that are a little disturbing among bloggers. We all know about the mess ghostdropper between entrecard members. Also we all know about some of the members who decided to get out of entrecard with a variety of reasons each of them which I'm sure they have a strong reason about it.

And among the inconvenience this month, other entrecard member still with faithful and enthusiastic to drop EC, and this I'm sure also with all the reasons and specific considerations that do not reduce their enthusiasm.

And here they are, Dropper Top Ten February 2010

Thanks to All Top Ten Dropper, and also to all entrecard member, Keep the good work.
Ahmad Fasoni
Top Dropper February 2010 - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 3/01/2010, categorized as Entrecard , Top Dropper Feb2010 , Tpp Dropper , traffic . And have 3 comments
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self defense Blog
Heya, Thanks for the mention.

Take care.
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Mikey Garcia
Ghost droppers? hmm.. interesting..
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Congrats, to all. I've had some computer issues though with Life a few days ago. Hope they've fixed it.

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