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Syndicate and Synchronize

by Bruneian Dollar , at 3/16/2010 , have 0 comments
The cool thing about being a newspaper cartoonist is that your work is often displayed and invites the syndicates to purchase. You may be scratching your head about what the hell is a syndicate and what does the mafia has anything to do with it.

Here is a definition of a syndicate by Wikipedia:

Syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means trade union (syndic meaning administrator), from the Latin word syndicus which in turn comes from the Greek word σύνδικος (syndikos) which means caretaker of an issue, compare to ombudsman or representative.
So basically the syndicates takes good care of other people's content and trades it with other companies. For example the all popular, Garfield by Jim Davis, is syndicated all over the world in different languages; Hindu, Chinese, Japanese and English (to what I am aware that they are available of). So how does one look at syndication through Internet Marketing?

A site where you get paid to share. That's a bonus than if you manually post and update your content on other social networking sites. The more you share, the more you get paid. Also, after you sign up on RedGage, sometimes you do get the chance to win their daily contest (Prize: $25 and everyday SOMEBODY wins). Lastly, it can also be considered as "build and forget" kind of website. You sign up, set up your import synchronization tool and broadcasting tool, and there you have it. Instant automatic syndication. You get paid by the number of views on your content in RedGage.

Article Directories
While RedGage helps promote your content via social networking sites, article directories such as Triond, Helium, Bukisa and Factoidz are other marketing sources. Simply write up an article, give a little information about what you can do to solve a current problem or just give them a solution that they wish that they need it, insert a link back to your website and there you have it. Some of the mentioned article directories also provide benefits as to, how much will you get paid by the number of views, provide article statistics and analytics, keyword search journal, etc. Take advantage of the article directories to spread and market your product or service and bring in traffic from these small outposts. Unfortunately, there is no software to help synchronize your content and some sites only accept fresh articles in their sites rather than copied content.

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Syndicate and Synchronize - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 3/16/2010, categorized as link-buildings . And have 0 comments
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