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Promotion Through Competition

by Bruneian Dollar , at 3/29/2010 , have 0 comments
Want a more benefit way to get your site promoted or your business advertised while having a chance to win some extra cash? Enter a third-party hosted competition. I think that should be self-explanatory but just in case, I'll write up this article in brief.

Companies can have one of their own employees to represent for them to participate in a contest (where available). The benefits to do so is to gain company awareness and increasing public image showing that the company is active enough to actually send one of their troops from the office into the field. Now there are two ways to go about completing the competition:

1. When participating in a competition there will always be much needed for contest hosts to take careful attention to the participants. This is to avoid any illegal or criminal acts while handling the competition. Contestants will go through thick and thin or by hook or by crook and any other phrases that is used to define cheating to easily bag themselves the top prize. Now I'm not hinting or giving you a signal that you should do so in order to gain enormous promotional benefits (it's possible) but the effects of doing so is devastating to the company image if caught red-handed. Rigging up a competition can cause a company to lose face or be a disgrace or decrease their public image or even worse, no customers to come into that company.

2. You can do otherwise. Play a fair game, clean and simple and do it with the best of efforts. Doing so, will make the employee feel like they made an achievement. Thus, increasing employee motivation. If he/she didn't win, at least there will be a press release to note who entered this competition. That's basically free press and all you have to do is enter and participate the competition.

Results in either ways: You achieve enormous amount of company awareness and promotional value through efforts into the contest and, if won, earn a little extra cash prize or some home kitchen appliance that could be used in the office or at their domestic location as a trophy for being the best (or worst if done number 1) contestant that won the contest.

So did you win any contest recently or participate some? Did it benefit your company or website doing so? Share your experiences through the comment section.

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Bruneian Dollar
Promotion Through Competition - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 3/29/2010 . And have 0 comments
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