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No Traffic Coming? Build A Road!

by Bruneian Dollar , at 3/23/2010 , have 0 comments
People often wonder how other successful bloggers make a lot of money. One thing for certain and before all else of implementing a monetizing software to your website or blog (that includes Adsense, Adgitize, Chitika, etc), you need lots of traffic. That's usually the case and it has been a major recommendation given by Probloggers everywhere.

A minimum traffic target before you set up ad paying networks is at least 1000 visitors. It doesn't have to be unique visitors but a constant 1000 figure of site traffic coming. Achieving that number is never easy as, when you put yourself in their shoes, you probably have other stuff to do like work, family, managing life, etc. But it is still possible to gain 1000 visitors a day if you work hard and smart enough to perform viral marketing.

Promotion and marketing your website is your way of building that road for thousands of visitors to visit your site. The more roads you build, the more accessible your site can be. And to note, to build a road, you have to create back-links. Meaning write up articles and send them to article directories. And in each of them, create a link back to your site as a follow-up for readers everywhere to know more about what you do and what you can offer.

Other forms of marketing: Participating in forums, posting in classifieds, submitting into web or blog directories, articles containing back-link sent to article directories, pod-casting, vod-casting, broadcast, social networking sites and many more.

Viral marketing is different. You create one very unique or interesting piece of content (text, video or audio) and send it into a network. After awhile, people are bound to take a look at it and found it so interesting that they would like to share their discovery. It is so interesting it spreads like a virus but a good way. In basic marketing lesson, this is also known as "word of mouth".

Creating links and more links built after is the key to a successful internet marketing strategy. But do note, that when there are more links built, that also means that you need to keep maintaining those links to strengthen the relationship between you and the incoming traffic. Just like normal roads, links can depreciate, wear and tear and soon after, becomes a dead link. This may be due to the sites incapability of handling too high bandwidth to support hosting the website.

So there's no traffic coming? Build them roads and they will come after. It's an Internet Marketer's Guarantee! ;)

Bruneian Dollar
No Traffic Coming? Build A Road! - written by Bruneian Dollar , published at 3/23/2010 . And have 0 comments
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