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Promoting Event Is Easy With Evenbrite

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 2/18/2010 , have 0 comments
eventbrite-events made easy
Do you need a promotion for the event that you or your company wants to hold but need more participants, you may need to consider a promotion and sell tickets at once eventbrite will answer what you need.

You can just create an account for the event, complete with data that is required as show in detail the name, company name, email payments.

For ticket payment, ticket creation and all that, can be done directly in your account, you live through the media publish the familiar you are doing for the promotion, through social networking, blogs, or other media.

As a comparison, you can see examples of event :
DFW-Writers Confrence-2010
Syracuse, NY Writer Workshop Sun 03/14/2010
Ahmad Fasoni
Promoting Event Is Easy With Evenbrite - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 2/18/2010, categorized as affiliate marketing , eventbrite , money , online market . And have 0 comments
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