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Mail from Entrecard "Your Entrecard Account has been deleted"

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 1/25/2010 , have 5 comments
Yesterday I got mail from entrecard told me that my entrecard account has been deleted, it's shocking me and confusing me what happen?
That mail said that reason for deleting my account is redirect. Oh my God, I remember that several day latter I got new firefox addons, somekind of refferal control, it's tool about making our site as referrer when we click other site. I'm forget what i'ts name for sure because that's also make problems for my family browsing activity.

After I got that mail, with very soon I write mail to entrecard administrator asking for reactivating my account, and you know what? they quickly respond my email and I got mail about my account restored. I'm very happy and thank you entrecard team for this.

Ahmad Fasoni
Mail from Entrecard "Your Entrecard Account has been deleted" - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 1/25/2010, categorized as blog , Entrecard , online market . And have 5 comments
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Mikey Garcia
can you explain more about the firefox add-ons you are describing in your article? thanks
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@Mikey Garcia
It's add-ons that let you put your url as a referrer, it's recorded in the log of web tracking, as we can see on feedjit live traffic widget on my sidebar, and other website tracking.
and if you want try yourself this is Ref ControL
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Laura Your blog redirects to this site. Has done it twice now to me. Am typing fast before it moves me away again.
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Thanks for your nice comment.
I can't find something like your said. I try with different browser too. And for now EntreCard admin tell me that my 2 account is active, that's mean no more redirect like they tell me before this.
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