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Blazing Minds Competition with Amazing Prizes

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 1/27/2010 , have 3 comments
There are many ways to promote website, as everybody knows make some blog competition is one of the effective ways to popularize our site. Today I found this new blog competition from Blazing Minds. This is just like any other blog competition with really easy requirement and task,
  1. Tweet to tell her about some kind of "register"
  2. Email Subscribe
  3. Become 5 Commentators
  4. Post about this competition and link back
Are you feel lucky enough? some amazing prizes waiting for you. This is quote of prize from her post

1. A copy of 3×0’s debut CD “Silver” – IMISound
2. A month of Ad space on from Ileane
3. A $100 ten-year advertising spot on my blog’s pixel ad page from Custom Dream Homes
4. A Mobile Phone from Dalekcat
5. Comedy Coaching Session (1 hour) from Not A Pro Blog – $75 value from Not A Pro Blog
6. 5,000 entrecard credits and one month free widget posting on Random Thoughts
7. A 250×250 banner Ad on Work At Home Blogger from Chandan
8. One month of advertising via a 125×125 spot on from Anand
9. A pen, a button and a month 125X125 Ad space on my blog to offer from Arie Rich (KMP Blog)
10. 1 week Adgitize ad (value 7$) from Cornymans Money-Blog
1 week Adgitize ad (value 7$) from All about babies and kids
2.000 EC + 10 CMF SPIKES (value 2$) from Cornymans Blogreviews
2.000 EC + 10 CMF SPIKES (values 2$) from The One Minute Guide all from Cornyman’s Money-Blog
11. A 160×600 ad space on my website @
12. Free FEATURED link on the directory located at From 113Directory.
Blazing Minds
Ahmad Fasoni
Blazing Minds Competition with Amazing Prizes - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 1/27/2010, categorized as blog , contest , traffic . And have 3 comments
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Karen @ Blazing Minds
Many thanks for posting about my competition on Blazing Minds ;)
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Barbara Rae
Thanks for this wonderful giveaway information!
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Thanks for stopping by :D
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