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2010 and My Google Pagerank (2/10)

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 1/15/2010 , have 7 comments
2010 and my pagerank
This is my first post in 2010. I am very pleased that my page rank increase to 2 after a long time never changes from 0 each time a page rank update.
a grief during the holidays to go online from remote villages that do not have access online. after suffering now comes a good news page rank up.

This probably is not so important to someone else, but for me this is an exciting news, because for a few years of this blog post was just a little and did not have anything exciting.

Honestly this blog online market is a very hard topic for me. because of what I write is always led me to about money, it makes my writing activities so uncomfortable, I like being forced to earn money, how to get money, Ough ... It makes my head as to explode.

Fortunately, there is always a coffee with me and music that can soothe any anxiety, keep the spirit to blog updates, and thanks for all entrecarder and my friends who always supported me.

Ahmad Fasoni
2010 and My Google Pagerank (2/10) - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 1/15/2010, categorized as blog . And have 7 comments
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Congratulation mate :)
I also get special newyear gift form uncle google, my blog increase PR 3 after 0 since 3 months i made the blog. I get surprised on it
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pandi merdeka
hohoho.. congratulation.. maybe you should celebrate this event.. haha ^^v
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Swayam Das
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Congratulations on your PR bump. I hit the next button on my blog, and ended up on your blog.

Feel free to post reciprocal links on our directory site

Good luck with your rankings.
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@all Thank you very much for the celebration :D I hope this will make good start this year for us.
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ARZ Seo Blog

All Of Pagerank of my site also improved..

what nice new years gift from google.. :)
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David Brett
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