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$50 Cash Blog Contest

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 4/26/2008 , have 2 comments

Everybody love contest money!
in the blogging business, when we need more people read our blog, all we have to do is promote it, buying advertising spot, join online network, comment on other blog, and other way to get reader and also traffic.The other way to get reader to our blog is contest with money price of course.
Entrepreneur Life launch the contest, that give chance to win $50 via paypal. Winner will be chosen and announced on Monday May 19th, with simple to enter:
1) Subscribe RSS Feed, 2) write at least 50 words spreading word of this contest to others in the blogosphere. 3) Your post must contain a link back to this post, 4) Announce your entry into this contest by commenting on his blog leaving the link to your post as described in rule #2. 5) The winner agrees to announce his or her win in their blog as soon as the $50 is paid.

So, let's go to that contestmoney.
Ahmad Fasoni
$50 Cash Blog Contest - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 4/26/2008 . And have 2 comments
2 comments Add a comment

Thanks for doing the Big Bang tag. I hope more bloggers will join us and make it a truly Big Bang endeavor.

I have recently transferred to my own domain and I’d like to ask a favor. Can you please change my link in the Big Bang tag? I am #64 (Read my Mind). Please change it to my new domain, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, and keep on blogging! More power!
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online market
Jobs is done...
I've change your link
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