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Earn Money by Upload and Download.

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 3/10/2008 , have 0 comments
Maybe you already following all ptc (pay to click) program, and all kind that stuff. maybe you must try something else. if i have told you about picashare dot net yesterday. now i will share you another one, easy-share, upload, share and earn.

The Proses is simple, you got your cash 10 bucks each 10.000 download. what you only do is uploading what ever, file for your friend, ebooks, music, picture, or else. there two choice uploading by ID or by anonym, if you uploading by by anonym user that will be count if the link on your registered site on easy-share.

in easy share you can uploading without entering the site, but using a tool just look like this. what you have to do only write your username or pasword in uploader. if you not write it the upload would become anonym upload.

in this program also bring you an uploader for your site. this uploader can putted in all website. you can get this site tool by entering your account.

so happy upload and share. oh, one more, the limit to upload is about 100 gigs.

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Ahmad Fasoni
Earn Money by Upload and Download. - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 3/10/2008, categorized as money , online market . And have 0 comments
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