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Share A Pic dot net, new way collecting penny

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 2/13/2008 , have 0 comments
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Already know about shareapic dot net, the new way to collecting penny. What you have to do is only change you image host and view them in your blog, you friendster, myspace, facebook and other place that allow image tag.

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share a pic give you another easy way to upload your image using mass uploader, and also if you have more than one gallery you can have your own image gallery widget. this widget have an interest view.

that's easy and you'll get pay ten bucks every 10.000 views. and also if you have a google adsense account share a pic allow you to put your text ad banner unit inside your gallery. so what you waiting for just click the logo and sign up.

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Ahmad Fasoni
Share A Pic dot net, new way collecting penny - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 2/13/2008, categorized as Share A Pic | Make money to share picture . And have 0 comments
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