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Market chooses the 125x125 ad's

by Ahmad Fasoni , at 9/18/2009 , have 2 comments

If you often have a blog walk, I know you always see the 125x125 ad banner. Why 125x125? are another ad format to bored, or a little ad like 125x125 format can catch the eye like a flee to the lamp. this market behavior always seems unpredictable, but maybe i have a few answer!

So where is 125x125 ad power in market exactly? the first is design, you only have a few design with this ad, but if your design really catch the eye. there a big chance. and use some creativity, think outside the box don't think inside just because the this ad shape a box.

Many of sites charge high amounts for a little 125 x 125 ad that is placed in non premium areas of the website. Thus, the ads do not really get the attention they deserve. If you are looking to advertise on these websites because of branding purposes, these 125 x 125 ads might work, but if you are looking for ads that convert these won't unless you get really creative with them.

The ad placed up in left sidebar is ad by entrecard social network (I will tell you later) getting creative they were able to increase their ad's click through rate by 1000%. This shows that ads can be effective if advertisers get creative, but the majority of advertisers just don't spend enough time creating creative ads.

I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on these types of ads, does anybody else have any experience with them that they would like to share? I would also be curious to know how often these ads are clicked on, and / or if they have any measurable branding related benefits.
Ahmad Fasoni
Market chooses the 125x125 ad's - written by Ahmad Fasoni , published at 9/18/2009, categorized as online market . And have 2 comments
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hi, i stumble here because i'm curious why do i keep seeing 125x125 on most of blog i visited. so i asked my uncle google.
thanks for your input.
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Poetic Shutterbug
Well I think the 125 x 125 ads are popular because they fit so well with the Entrecard, Adgitize, Project Wonderful and CMF ad platforms. I agree with you that they do need to be creative. They need to display color, style and with a headline that invites the public to click. As you see many new Entrecard users merely choose the default EC platform which is basically one color with text. That is not very inviting to the average user.

With all the editing software programs out there today, it is easy to create something from a simple photo. If you are more tech inclined, then something out of the box is even better. I have to admit for myself, I do well with my entrecard 125 x 125 ads however on Project Wonderful, I don't see too many hits. I guess alot of it depends on the site as well.

I think anything animated is best far and beyond your average pic for a widget. Of course the larger ads will perform better if they are placed in high visibility on your blog. A top header banner will do much better than an ad placed on a side bar.

Good post.
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